Ostra Brasil on the cover of Harper's Bazaar!

Bazaar's January issue is ready for you to dive in! As a central theme of sustainability and beachwear that goes beyond the sands, the model @jamilymeurer wears the new "Croma" collection. The @gatsalosophy eye-shaped brooch makes the perfect metaphor for the beginning of the year and the decade.




After a year of intense social distancing, which everything indicates will continue for even longer, we collectively feel that affection is fundamental to our physical and mental health. So, in this issue, we'll talk about the importance of hugging: since we understand that there are many forms of affection and not all of them are physical. We hope that the January issue can be a big hug. (By @patriciacarta) 




Photography by @fred.gasifashion editing by Antonio Frajado, art direction by @tapedindo (@notitle.mgt), beauty by @casagrandegui, fashion production by @annecarvas and @sofiaesquenazi, room maid @salvadoranascimento, art production by Fernanda Martins and @schiavojoao, photography assistence by @mmarcolino and image processing by @processusphoto.
Special thanks: @emporiojardimrio@ipanemainn and @cliffside_rio#BazaarJaneiro