Croma Collection - Inspiration

Facing the light. “In 2020, I saw the sun rise a few times and began to better observe the light from the sky that dyed the entire horizon. That fascinated me... what a show God gives us every day. That's when I got interested in the physical theory of the transformation of these colors and then CROMA came about" - Lidianne Andrade (Creative Director of Ostra Brasil).


CROMA COLLECTION se refere à mágica das cores do sol no céu que emergem da fração dos raios solares filtrados pela atmosfera. A cromática e majestosa apresentação do astro- sol desde a aurora ao crepúsculo foi nossa inspiração. A batalha das cores para contornar as partículas e moléculas na atmosfera e finalmente tingir nosso horizonte e oceanos é uma cena divina capaz de poderosamente nos revitalizar.



CROMA COLLECTION refers to the magic of the colors of the sun in the sky that emerge from the fraction of the sun's rays filtered by the atmosphere. The chromatic and majestic presentation of the astro-sun from dawn to dusk was our inspiration. The battle of colors to bypass the particles and molecules in the atmosphere and finally dye our horizons and oceans is a divine scene capable of powerfully revitalizing us.



The color of the sky depends on how far light travels in the atmosphere. At sunset, the longest waves (orange and red) end up bumping and deviating, gradually reddening the horizon, which is known as the “Golden Hour”.


CROMA is an energizing collection that vibrates high, encourages and drives us to live the today extraordinarily!